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What We Do

The JPJ Group's mission is to deliver world class consulting services to our clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The firm is relatively small by choice: the better to form close working partnerships with our clients and to apply the seasoned judgment of professionals to achieve the best results possible.We strive to staff a project with the aim of providing the requisite level of skill and experience to successfully accomplish the project. Accordingly, the firm uses experienced professionals to perform research, conduct studies, monitor developments and trends in government policy and industry, and provide other support services to ensure that our clients' needs are being met on a timely basis. Our firm is committed to engaging in the fullest possible communication between our staff and our clients.

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Practice Group

The ICT Practice Group is a consulting practice within JPJ with specific expertise in all facets of the telecoms sector. Members of the ICT Practice Group include former telecoms management executives, finance and technology executives and operational experts. The ICT Practice Group's breadth of experience ranges from start-up companies to multi-national corporations.The ICT Practice Group's areas of expertise include emerging markets strategy, business development and planning, technology deployment, operations, government affairs and regulatory policy. The professionals within the group offer industry clients a robust array of consulting and advisory services ranging from management services, business development, technology strategy, financial and market analysis, marketing, sales and service delivery.The ICT Practice Group also includes a team of former regulators and regulatory counsel who provide clients with access to a variety of regulatory advisory services, including negotiating interconnection agreements and developing regulatory strategy, reviewing regulations, and regulatory policies; drafting model legislation, implementing sector liberalization policies and privatization. Team members have over 50 years of experience in shaping and implementing regulatory policy, both at the state and federal levels within the United States as well as internationally.

Energy Practice Group

The Energy Practice Group consist a formidable team of experienced, international energy sector professionals with experience in both the public sector (PUC) and private sector. We will leverage the collective experience and skills of the firm's members and consortium partners to provide clients with an array of leading edge advisory and consulting services.Our energy sector professionals have extensive experiences in energy technologies, financing, government relations, emerging markets business development and strategic planning. The JPJ Group's collective energy sector expertise includes, but is not limited to:✦ Energy Sector Technologies
✦ Emerging Markets Strategy
✦ Government Relations & Advocacy
✦ Strategic Planning & Communications
✦ Managing Industry and Stakeholder Relationships
✦ Business Development & Financial Modeling
✦ Marketing, Research & Sector Analysis
✦ Bid Preparation and Project Management
✦ Alternative Energy Power Generation
✦ Electric and Natural Gas
✦ Restructuring/Deregulation
✦ Local Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

Our Value Proposition

The JPJ Group's value proposition is simple. The JPJ Group will utilize its energy sector expertise and experience in emerging market countries to help clients develop new business and new revenue streams by more effectively positioning their products and services with prospective customers. Central to the JPJ Group's valuation proposition is our ability to leverage our broad expertise in technology, engineering, financing and government relations, along with our knowledge and experience working in emerging market countries.Put simply, the JPJ Group can help companies sell their products and services in emerging market countries more efficiently and effectively--regardless of whether a company is engaged in a tender process or in direct negotiations with prospective governmental or commercial customers.


The JPJ Group has successfully provided Strategic Consulting and Advisory services to a host of companies and/or governments in The Bahamas, Chile, El Salvador, Namibia, Rwanda, Swaziland, Australia, and the United States and our area of expertise spans four continents--Africa, South America/The Caribbean, Eastern Europe and North America.

The Team

The Executive Management Consultants at JPJ Group are a diverse team with over one hundred years of experience in both the telecoms and technology sectors. Our Executive Management Consultants have held senior management positions at multi-national companies around the globe, while other members of the Executive Management Team were also founders or executives at a number of start-up technology companies. Whether it was in a start up environment or with an established company, our Executive Management Consultants have played key roles in helping both incumbent and startup companies to expand and grow market share in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and North America.

Principal Members

Prince Jenkins

Prince Jenkins specializes in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Public Policy Development and Regulatory Advocacy. Mr. Jenkins has extensive management experience with international and national utility companies who were seeking to expand into new markets. Mr. Jenkins also has vast experience in the startup company environment where he helped companies to grow and expand their core businesses. Both private sector clients and government clients alike have come to rely upon and benefit from Mr. Jenkins' Strategic Planning and Regulatory Policy experience to guide them in their decision making process.Mr. Jenkins is an experienced international consultant with extensive consulting experience in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States. He has served as a Legal and Policy Advisor to the telecommunications regulator of El Salvador-- Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecommunicaciones ("SIGET"), the Namibian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority where he helped to advise and establish a new regulatory agency in the Republic of Rwanda. From 2006 to 2007, Mr. Jenkins served as an Advisor to the Government of The Bahamas on the Privatization of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. Mr. Jenkins' areas of expertise include utility privatization, regulatory capacity building, and representing operators and stakeholders before public utility regulators.Graduate of Rutgers College and Georgetown University Law Center.

Julius Kearney

Julius Kearney served for 12 years as a member of the Arkansas Public Service Commission, including membership on the Gas Research Institute Advisory Council; the Department of Transportation Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee; the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission; and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Natural Gas Deliverability Task Force. As an experienced utility regulator, he chaired a number of regional workgroups on least-cost planning, energy efficiency and regulatory reform. As a seasoned international consultant, he has worked extensively on communications sector regulator of El Salvador - 'SIGET'; the National Communications Commission in the Republic reform and privatization in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.Mr. Kearney has served as a legal and regulatory adviser to a number of international entities including the Lesotho Telecommunications Regulatory Authority; the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority; the Bahamas Telecommunications Company; the telecommunications of Georgia; and the Energy Ministry and Agency for Telecommunications in Montenegro. In Rwanda, he made recommendations on telecoms reform and on cost-effective recovery of dissolved methane gas in Lake Kivu. In Montenegro he assisted the government with studies of telcom and energy sector reform and with energy sector fuel diversification.Mr. Kearney is an experienced international consultant who has worked extensively on telecommunications sector reform and privatization in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. Mr. Kearney's responsibilities included reviewing and analyzing telecom laws, regulations and competition policies, developing Universal Access policies and procedures and developing recommendations to regulators for improving such.Graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

Executive Management Consultants

Oscar J. Williams

Oscar Williams has over 39 years of executive management experience in the telecoms sector and in the utility consulting sector. Mr. Williams was a founding officer and former President of CommX Inc, a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) Operator located in Tampa Florida. Prior to CommX, Mr. Williams was a founding general partner in Intellysis Venture Partners where he lead the effort to build financing consortiums to fund a portfolio companies with additional equity and debt financing. Mr. Williams was also a founding stockholder of 2nd Century, where he served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Operations.Before 2nd Century, Mr. Williams held a number of increasingly responsible positions with Intermedia Communications, Inc. from Vice President of Finance to Chief Financial Officer. During his employment at Intermedia he raised over $700 million in equity and debt and participated as lead corporate financial officer in over six major acquisitions including Digex Prior to Intermedia, Mr. Williams served as Comptroller and Treasurer of the Virgin Islands Telephone Company, an ITT subsidiary.Mr. Williams is a former Vice President and Treasurer of Associated Utility Services, a utility consulting firm headquartered in New Jersey. Mr. Williams oversaw the development of financial studies for the electric and gas sectors as well as submitted expert testimony before the Federal Regulatory Commission and several State PUCs. Mr. Williams' international experiences include consulting assignments in the United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.Oscar received his BS degree in accounting from Central State University of Ohio and did post graduate work at Cleveland State University.

Jose Luis De Lara

Jose is the former Chief technology Officer of Movicel the Wireless national carrier of Angola where he played a key role in developing the company's technology strategy and advising the Board regarding new areas of business growth. He is a highly versatile engineering executive and technology visionary, with over 20 years of experience in the developing markets of Africa and Latin America.Jose has a well-deserved reputation for effectively blending solid global market knowledge with technical and people skills in a manner that produces significant results for clients. He has assembled and led highly specialized technical teams in delivering superior levels of productivity and performance for the client while anticipating and resolving the client's needs.

Mark Cabrelli

Mr. Cabrelli is experienced sales and marketing executive with extensive global expertise and a successful track record in business development, market strategy and international sales spanning some 25 years.Mr. Cabrelli began his career in the oil and gas business with an offshore supply company operating primarily in the North Sea. Here he rose to lead the marketing team in developing opportunities with all the petrochemical multi-national companies. Since then, he has held senior positions with several global telecoms operators and has worked in various locations around the world. These positions have including Sales Director at British Telecom, Director of Global Sales Channels for Concert Communications, Director of Global Sales Operations for AT&T; and Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Optelecom-NKF, a NASDAQ listed video transmission company.Most recently, Mr. Cabrelli has held the position of Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Cable Bahamas in Nassau. Here he has led the company in its efforts to establish market share in a highly competitive marketplace involving extensive negotiations with the communications regulator.These positions have focused on market positioning and global expansion, establishing sales operations and improving sales effectiveness, while retaining a focus on bottom line results and cost containment.

Michael Symonette

Michael Symonette is a Past President and C.E.O. of The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) Limited, as well as the former C.E.O of the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) the national communications regulator of The Bahamas.Utilities Regulation & Competition Authority (URCA) was established as an independent regulator responsible for licensing and the overseeing of all Electronic Communications in The Bahamas which includes Telephone services (Fixed & Mobile), Internet, Broadcasting including Cable Television and the management of Radio Spectrum and NumberingPrior to joining URCA, Mr. Symonette spent the past eleven years of his employment with BTC as the CEO. BTC is the incumbent Fixed Line and Wireless Operator in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and it also offers high quality Broadband Services, throughout the Bahamas.Prior to becoming C.E.O. of the company, Mr. Symonette headed up the technical divisions, and had the overall responsibility for the planning, engineering and maintenance of all telecommunications systems. He worked with Intelsat's engineers on the planning and engineering of the first Standard 'A' Satellite Earth Station for the Bahamas. He also worked with AT&T; on the planning of the Bahamas-11 Digital Submarine Cable System between the Bahamas and Florida. Mr. Symonettes' experience also include the planning and engineering of analog and digital exchanges, tropospheric scatter and digital microwave radio systems, analog and digital cellular systems. He was also involved in the planning of the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Fibre Cable System currently being implemented by the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited.Mr. Symonette is a graduate of the Southhall College of Technology and holds a in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He also did several management courses and holds diplomas from the University of Miami, Harvard University, and the National University of Singapore. He is a member and a Past Vice President of The Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers.

Charles E. Zetterstrom

Mr. Zetterstrom has over 40 years in the telecommunications industry including extensive involvement in new telecommunications start up ventures. Mr. Zetterstrom's expertise is in network engineering, planning, construction, capital budget development and operations. He is experienced in a wide range of communications technologies including wireless, broadband and wireline networks. Mr. Zetterstrom recently completed a project for a US nationwide broadband fiber optic network and prior to this, he completed assignment with Cingular as a Project Executive responsible for upgrading their network in Los Angeles California. Mr. Zetterstrom worked three years with Dynergy Connect LP where he was responsible for the deployment of a nationwide fiber optics network in the USA. Prior positions included fifteen years As Executive Director BellSouth International where he was responsible for development and operation management of cellular wireless and long distance telephone networks. He has held positions as Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Executive Director, Director of Operations and Director of Implementation. He has extensive national and international experience including executive positions in China, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Middle East, Africa and Israel. Mr. Zetterstrom has an Associates degree in Engineering from El Camino City College and attended Loyola University, Los Angeles.

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